Honeywell ControlEdge™ PCD

Cont­ro­lEd­ge PCD is a new ge­ne­ra­tion PLC with mo­du­lar IO and mul­tiple com­mu­nica­tion in­ter­faces. It pro­vi­des a high degree of re­si­lience with CPU re­dun­dancy, ro­bust­ness, re­lia­bi­li­ty and pro­ven de­sign, with more than 30 years of field usa­ge. With its stable cas­set­te con­struc­tion com­bi­ned with in­te­gra­ted com­mu­nica­tion in­ter­faces and nu­me­rous ex­pan­sion op­tions, it is high­ly ver­sa­ti­le. The CPU’s ge­ne­rous me­mo­ry re­sources al­low you to record, mo­ni­tor, arc­hi­ve and ma­na­ge data and sta­tuses lar­ge­ly wit­hout PC sys­tems. Ad­di­tio­nal­ly, it sup­ports an In­te­gra­ted Web Ser­ver for mo­ni­to­ring and cont­rol, and an En­gi­nee­ring Tool with a grap­hical Web Edi­tor for visualization.

Cont­ro­lEd­ge PCD pro­vi­des nu­me­rous fea­tu­res to suit a wide ran­ge of au­to­ma­tion needs, such as:

Power­ful and Ef­ficient Engineering

High-le­vel lan­gua­ge pro­gram­ming in accor­dance with IEC 61131–3 pro­vi­des grea­ter flexi­bi­li­ty. It al­lows access to a lar­ge com­mu­ni­ty of de­ve­lo­pers who­se publis­hed so­lu­tions can be reused with grea­ter ease.

Cy­ber Security

Ba­sed on the in­dustrial au­to­ma­tion stan­dard ANSI ISA 62443 (SL 3/SL 4), its built-in secu­ri­ty fea­tu­res en­su­re a secu­re con­nec­tion to the In­ter­net and Cloud, all the whi­le enc­ryp­ting the trans­fer and sto­ra­ge of data. Furt­her­mo­re, it re­lies on mo­dern role-ba­sed user management.

Mul­ti-pro­tocol sup­port in a single controller

Easy and seam­less sys­tem in­te­gra­tion of up to 14 com­mu­nica­tion in­ter­faces. Users have full free­dom to com­bi­ne va­rious pro­tocols via Et­her­net and se­rial ports – such as OPC-UA, Web/IT pro­tocols (E‑Mail, SMS, HTTPs, MQTT), Mod­bus, and Pro­fi­net. Users can also in­te­gra­te cus­tom speci­fic pro­tocols by the applica­tion program.

Enc­ryp­tion keeps your data safe

Sup­ports Mic­ro SD cards up to 32GB, pro­vi­ding lar­ge sto­ra­ge for user data such as trend logs, alarm and event his­to­ry, as well as any ot­her in­for­ma­tion ge­ne­ra­ted du­ring ope­ra­tion. The enc­ryp­ted file sys­tem pro­tects the data against unaut­ho­rized access.

PCD3 IO System

Mo­du­lar plug­gable PCD3 IO fa­mi­ly with a ran­ge of sig­nal sup­port such as Di­gi­tal in­puts (Low Vol­ta­ge 24/48V DC, High vol­ta­ge 110V/ 230VAC), Di­gi­tal Out­puts (24V DC, re­lays), mix DI/DO, fast coun­ters, Ana­log in­puts (mA, V, RTD, Ther­mocouple), Ana­log out­put (mA, V) and also an IO si­mu­la­tion unit.

Cont­ro­lEd­ge PCD brochure/datasheet