Honeywell PPC tuo Experion® HMI:n valvomon ulkopuolelle

The Ex­pe­rion® Pa­nel PC brings Ex­pe­rion HMI out­si­de the cont­rol room in a flexible way for de­man­ding in­dustrial cont­rol applica­tions. It pro­vi­des in­te­gra­ted ope­ra­tor ex­pe­rience for im­pro­ved plant wide ope­ra­tions, work flow and ef­fec­ti­ve deci­sion making.

What Is It?

Ex­pe­rion PPC (Pa­nel PC) is an in­dustrial gra­de Touch Pa­nel PC ba­sed on ro­bust, easy to main­tain hardwa­re that is used with pro­ven Ex­pe­rion Hu­man Mac­hi­ne In­ter­face (HMI).

Com­bi­ned with speci­fical­ly put to­get­her Ex­pe­rion com­po­nents, Ex­pe­rion PPC meets your local ope­ra­tion needs re­gard­less of your in­dustry, process or mac­hi­ne size and complexi­ty. It al­lows you to break free from proprie­ta­ry em­bed­ded Pa­nel HMI mix and re­duces main­te­nance over­heads, complex data in­te­gra­tion met­hods and im­pro­ves process data flow in your plant.

How Does It Work?

Ex­pe­rion PPC sup­ports flexible ope­ra­tion mo­des to ef­fec­ti­ve­ly meet dif­fe­rent sys­tem arc­hi­tec­tu­res. PPC can act as a stan­da­lo­ne SCADA Ser­ver cum Sta­tion, re­mo­te Ex­pe­rion DCS Sta­tion and/or Thin Client. It uses simple, easy to use Ex­pe­rion HMI and tools enabling plant per­son­nel to con­nect to a wide va­rie­ty of cont­rol­lers in a flexible and secu­re way.

What Problems Does It Solve?

  • Great­ly im­pro­ves star­tup and com­mis­sio­ning time and re­duces data in­te­gra­tion costs
  • Quick star­tup, uni­form data-exc­han­ge with cont­rol­lers, ef­fec­ti­ve ope­ra­tions and chan­ge management
  • Avoid trai­ning and main­te­nance over­heads of a Mul­ti-ven­dor HMI sys­tems, ob­so­lescence risk and in­te­gra­tion costs
  • Hig­her sys­tem up­ti­me, operato​r ef­fec­ti­ve­ness and emer­gency res­pon­se th­rough con­sis­tent ope­ra­tor view ac­ross va­rious ope­ra­tion levels
  • Re­duce the in­te­gra­tion and con­fi­gu­ra­tion costs for Pa­nel HMIs used with proprie­ta­ry or con­ven­tio­nal interfaces
  • Eli­mi­na­te in­te­ro­pe­ra­bi­li­ty is­sues ari­sing from the use of proprie­ta­ry or em­bed­ded OS ba­sed Pa­nel HMI(s)

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